This Italian Guy Gained 661,000+ Instagram Fans By Trolling Celebrity Pics

Mocking celebrity pictures online has been a trend for a while now, from a widely famous Australian comedian Celeste Barber to a 44-year-old engineer from India, it seems that everyone wants to have a laugh at the unattainable celebrity lifestyle. Emanuele Ferrari, also known as Emi, is not an exception. This Italian guy has started posting in 2014 and since then he has gained over 660k followers on Instagram with his incredibly funny recreations of celebrity photos. From iconic Cardi B’s Met Gala look recreated with rice cakes to Rihanna’s red carpet dress constructed using carrots, Emanuele brings a smile to everyone’s face with his iconic and genius looks created using only stuff he finds at home.

As for what inspired him to start, Emanuele says that celebrity outfits at fashion shows caught his eye first. “I noticed how some clothes in the fashion world were really so absurd and in my mind I recreated them with material I had at home. So I decided to open my account and get crazy” he told Top Viral Gallery. Ferrari also said that his biggest inspirations are the Kardashian family and an Italian blogger Chiara Ferragni. With so many looks to recreate and plenty of people doing so, Emanuele speculated that the reason for his large following was quite simple. “On the Web the irony is often viral” he said, pointing at his own creative message. While the eyes are certainly on him, this project is only Ferrari’s hobby as he has to dedicate time to the university. “I do not know exactly where all this will bring me, but for now it is something that I enjoy so much and that I have the pleasure of doing” he explained.




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